A note-taking tool to help you connect the dots.

Wiki or classical hierarchy, Relanote adapts to your thinking process

Main features

Relanote is а tool that combines both hierarchical and non-hierarchical note-taking. The files and folders method allows you to put some order while the bi-directional links to connect the dots and see the bigger picture. By leveraging the power of both methods, Relanote adapts to your way of thinking.
bi-directional links, graph and hierarchy

Flexible organization

Relanote combines both hierarchical organization (files and folders) and wiki style bi-directional links. You can go even in more details with the additional help of tags.

Easy Links & Notes Creation

Unlike most apps, in Relanote you can create new notes on the fly without leaving the current note. In Relanote, notes can also be used as mean to link ideas and knowledge. For example, you can have a recipe that includes cheese, beef, and pasta. By linking the ingredients, a note for each will be created that points back to the recipe. Continue doing adding more recipes and at some point by opening the cheese note, you will see all recipes in which it is referenced.

Leave organization on autopilot

If you are looking to escape the hierarchical organization, no problem! By using bi-directional links, you can forget about sorting your notes in folders and subfolders since all your notes will be connected in a web of knowledge - graph.

The bigger picture


A visual way to discover hidden connections and see the bigger picture of your whole knowledge base. The Graph offers you a bird's eye view of all your notes and how they are connected. If you are utilizing the bi-directional linking organization instead of the hierarchical, the graph is the tool for making sense of your personal knowledge base. The more connected notes, the harder it becomes to find your way. To solve that, Relanote enables you to filter your notes based on tags you used in them.

All your ideas and thoughts - secured!

Full encryption

We believe that your knowledge, ideas and research are private and rightfully yours. Nobody but you and the people you shared your note with should be able to have access. To ensure this, all your data is first encrypted on your device and then stored on our secure servers. The process is relatively simple, but incredibly secure - your device -> your notes are encrypted -> stored on our secure servers -> decrypted when you are using Relanote.

See how encryption works

No account required to view the shared note

Share notes with the world

Notes, if you need them to be, can be more than a personal thing. You can share your ideas, thoughts, and research directly from Relanote.

Sharing a public link to one or more notes is 1 click away. No account is required on the other side to view what you shared with them. The notes are accessible on the web only to those, who have the link. You remain in complete control and can revoke or manage the access at any time.

The note you share from Relanote is dynamic - all changes are instantly available to the people you shared it with. Unlike static documents like PDFs, Word Files, and others, Relanote helps you collaborate better.

See how sharing works

Join the dark side

Dark theme

Working late at night, having an eye condition or just enjoying the dark UI - the Relanote dark mode is here!

Upcoming features


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