3 Tips Every Relanote User Should Know

Relanote is not just another app.

I don’t say that lightly.

There are literally hundreds of notetaking apps launched every year – a gadget junkie’s paradise. You’ll soon find out – if you haven’t already – that most new apps are just clones of existing ones with much of the same features presented in a different package.

Relanote is different.

At its core, it offers a unique way to organize, store, and use your notes. The bi-directional links and graphs are addictive and time-saving (and dare I say awe-inspiring) when it comes to retrieving and utilizing stored notes.

While there are many great features and even greater ones to come, there are some things you should know before you dive in.

I’ve listed the three most important ones that will save time and help to get the most of this promising app.

For The Gardener in You

Hands-down, Relanote is the best app if your notetaking style falls into the category of a gardener. Do you write notes to fit into a structured plan or do you like to drop them here or there and see what emerges? Do you plan from top down or bottom up? I’ve discussed notetaking styles and the best apps for each style in the post, “What’s Your Notetaking Style?”

Essentially, gardeners are less rigid than planners. They’re spontaneous, flexible, organic, creative, and always ready to record their thoughts without having a structured plan. As delightful as these traits are, gardeners could also just as easily go off-track and may have to edit their notes.

Relanote is perfect if your notes are not limited to a particular thought, project, or topic. With time, your notes and ideas will take shape as you continue to nurture and add to them. Initially, your notes may appear to have no structure but as you continue to build and connect, they will take shape. They may not be as well thought out as the architect but they are useful all the same.

Although Relanote is ideal for gardeners, it doesn’t exclude the architect, student, and librarian style of notetaking. Remember that your notetaking style is one that comes naturally to you. The one that you’re inclined to use above all else. But we all have to use one or another at different phases in life.

With some effort, Relanote may be just as productive for those times when you need to plan a project, research a topic, or prepare for an exam.

Bi-Directional Links

A picture is worth a thousand words.

The ability to view connections between your notes and see them side by side is priceless.  

Relanote’s bi-directional linking connects one note to as many others as you need. With a basic @ tag, you can reference another note quickly and easily. There are many benefits to bi-directional links. For me, the main benefit is the option to keep my notes short and precise, knowing that I can use a totally separate (and equally short) note to connect or continue my thought.

I don’t know about you, but long, winding notes with too much information are tedious and intimidating. It is much easier to make shorter notes to myself and check them off when I need to. This is really the essence of Zettelkasten notetaking – short notes to improve retention.

As your web of notes grows, you can utilize the graph view to determine how your notes are connected. The virtual map of ideas is a gem for the development of new and exciting ones.

Graph view with bi-directional links in Relanote

More to Come

The team at Relanote is hard at work adding new features to boost the enjoyment and productivity of all users. In the short-term, there are plans to publish a Chrome extension, add the ability to import notes from other notetaking apps, and export notes in various formats. A Firefox add-on, Safari extension, macOS app, and Windows 10 app are a few of the long-term goals.

For the present, there is much to do and enjoy within the existing platform. Tags are just as habit-forming as the hyperlinks to interconnect your notes. Other compelling features include the ability to sync notes in real-time across all devices, the search feature that encompasses notes and tags, and availability for multiple platforms including iOS, Microsoft, and Android.

Support is stellar and there is a helpful, active community to answer any questions. Truly though, the app is so user-friendly, that you’ll be hard-pressed to find any issues.  

Final Thoughts

Let’s talk about privacy for a brief moment. Why? Because fear of having your inmost thoughts exposed could impair your ability to express your thoughts in a meaningful way. From personal ideas and insights or company trade secrets, Relanote is serious about privacy.

All notes are encrypted on your device and stored on secure servers. They are private and fully belong to you.

Sign up for free and see what all the excitement is about. Your free plan includes 50 notes, 100 MB storage, unlimited categories, tags, and links, and does not require the use of a credit card to sign up.