5 Notetaking Secrets That Will Skyrocket Your Productivity

A short pencil is better than a long memory – or so the saying goes.

In this age of digital “pencils,” I often wonder about the modern-day version of this proverb.

Whatever it is, the meaning is clear. Write it down.

The mind is subject to loads of new information every day, and the best way to absorb and act on the information you receive is to be intentional in your note-taking. In education and work, it makes the difference between success and mediocrity.

When you’re in school or at the office. At a meeting with a new client or watching a video in the comfort of home. Write it down to set yourself apart. Take notes and you’ll have a reference and retain what was said. Even if you’re gifted with a good memory, you’re likely to forget something – unless you write it down.

That said, here are some notetaking secrets that will boost your productivity and success in every aspect of life.

Add A Reference

Taking lots of notes is commendable, even essential, when your goal is to become the best in your field. But a boatload of notes could become messy – even in digital apps – if you don’t have a reference. What inspired the note? Where did you get the information?

In the Zettelkasten method of notetaking, citations are key in the collection phase – especially if you’re writing a research paper or book. There’s no need to follow multimarkdown citations if you collect notes for educational/informational purposes but adding a reference is helpful if you need to revisit the source.

Relanote’s built-in features not only support the inclusion of references but also display vital connections (links) between your notes.

Automatic reference generation using bi-directional links in Relanote


Collaboration and productivity go hand-in-hand. Your notes, always within reach, guarantee stress-free workdays. But your productivity hinges on those who work close to you. Make your notes shareable and lend a helping hand to the members of your team. The saying that two heads are better than one is as true as can be – even in the competitive world of business. Your success is tied to that of every other person on your team.

Digital apps like Relanote are especially valuable for local and remote sharing of information in real-time.  Share your notes in one click and manage access according to your requirements. The notes are dynamic and instantly available to those you shared them with.

Relanote makes sharing fast and simple

Brain Dump

How often do you conceive a great idea and then forget it as quickly as it came? These fleeting thoughts may be the making of great ventures if you write them down. We are always learning; picking up new thoughts and ideas as we read, listen, and watch content. Most of what you learn will go out the door unless you make some conscious effort to remember it.

Your brain wants to create new ideas, not store them. This is where a second brain becomes vital. Using technology, you can build a brain dump to preserve ideas and insights that you can revisit and execute at a later time. Relanote provides a centralized, accessible, digital repository to input big ideas and fleeting thoughts as they come. More than just a dumping ground, it creates connections so you can consolidate and bring them into reality. Use it to offload your mind and gain the freedom to create, imagine, and enjoy life’s moments. 

Create a Summary

Once again, I call your attention to Zettelkasten. It’s an easy matter to write verbatim what is said in the classroom or training session. You might collect thoughts as bullet point notes, diagrams, sketches, or maps. However, once the class or training is over, try creating permanent notes featuring your reaction to what was said. This method of notetaking will clarify your thoughts and solidify your understanding. As your note arsenal grows, you’ll discover a network of connections that will broaden your thinking. Finding and using information quickly and efficiently is critical to productivity.

Relanote is just the app to keep track of these connections and interlinks as they expand. Instead of being confined to a folder or category, your notes will be networked and always visible once there’s a connection to other notes. 

Connections and links

Stay on Track

Procrastination is the thief of time and productivity. If you invest time and effort to conceptualize a plan, you need to stay on track. It becomes all too easy to get sucked into a host of activities that are seemingly essential but are going nowhere. Make a to-do list and stick to the plan. Do not put off for tomorrow what you planned to do today. Use your note-taking app to itemize any requests that pop up throughout the day, so you can attend to them at a later time.

Requests from coworkers, and even your boss, may appear urgent. If you write them down and consider the big picture, you’ll be in a better position to prioritize, make the most of your time, and accomplish more.

Keep these strategies in mind and start taking notes. The results will speak for themselves. Come back and thank us later.