The transparent roadmap is a crucial part of the journey called Relanote. We are working towards our vision to provide you with an easy to use tool for building your personal knowledge base. The roadmap you are seeing bellow is what we are considering the fastest way to bring our vision to life. We are always open and looking forward for a meaningful discussion and proper feedback/criticism. In other words - we want to hear your thoughts and ideas.

Last updated - July 12, 2022

In Progress

What we are currently working on

  • AppsRoll out major revamp of main app in closed beta
  • MarkdownMake markdown formatting available in beta
  • ImagesAllow users to add images to notes
  • FilesAllow users to attach files to notes
  • Allow users to share notes with a public URL
  • Allow users to share notes privately
  • SearchImproved search
  • TagsImproved tagging
  • EncryptionEnhancements to note and password encryption + security improvements


Features and changes we hope to complete over this quarter and the next.

  • AppsRoll out beta to production and mobile apps
  • ImportImport notes from other note-taking apps
  • ExportExport notes in various formats, save notes locally
  • AppsPublish Relanote Chrome extension
  • Graph ViewImprove graph view


Features and changes we hope to get done in about 6-12 months.

  • Apps Windows 10 app
  • Apps macOS app
  • Apps Safari extension
  • Apps Firefox add-on
  • Graph ViewNote preview in Graph View
  • Graph ViewColor code connectors and nodes for a given tag -
  • Graph ViewShare and embedd Graphs
  • Search and FilterSorting in List View
  • Search and FilterFIltering in List View
  • Search and FilterTag grouping
  • Search and FilterSearch improvements - saved searches, filtering and more


What we have accomplished

  • AppsPush the iOS out of closed beta
  • PrivacyNote Encryption
  • Export and ShareNote Sharing via public link or email
  • GeneralFile attachments
  • Graph ViewGraph view filtering
  • Graph ViewCreating notes directly into the Graph View and linking them
  • Export and SharePrint notes


Relanote forum

You can post and vote on feature requests, report bugs, and have in-depth discussions about productivity and PKM.