This transparent roadmap is a crucial part of the journey called Relanote. We are constantly developing Relanote, and working towards our vision to provide you with an easy-to-use tool for building your personal knowledge base aka your "second brain". The roadmap you see below is what we consider the fastest way to bring our vision to life. We are always open to your suggestions and look forward to your valuable feedback. We want to hear your thoughts and ideas so we can make Relanote better, together. Please post your feature requests here -

Last updated - January 15, 2023

In Progress

What we are currently working on

  • AppsRoll out a major revamp of the main app on Jan 30th, 2023
  • AudioLet users record audio notes from multiple devices
  • Media CenterAllow users to manage their files and images
  • Note HistoryAllow users to view note edit history and go back in time and recover notes from history
  • Allow Pro users to share entire Notebooks with a public URL
  • Allow Pro users to share entire Notebooks privately
  • FilterFilter graph by Notebook and Tags
  • LinksSingle-click hyperlinks for better navigation
  • Export notes and all data zip file backup in JSON format to user's local computer and restore from the same file

Q1 / Q2 2023

Features and changes we hope to complete over this quarter and the next.

  • AppsRelease Chrome extension plugin
  • ImportImport notes from other note-taking apps
  • BackupAutomatic backup to Google Drive, iCloud, Microsoft One Drive and Dropbox
  • HandwritingAllow users to write notes by hand in the Relanote app
  • PDF annotationAllow users to annotate pdf docs by hand
  • Audio-to-textAutomatic audio-to-text note transcription
  • Handwriting-to-textHandwriting-to-text transcription
  • CollaborationAllow users to tag other users and give them commenting and/or editing rights for public and private notes


Features and changes we hope to get done in about 6-12 months.

  • Apps Native IOS app
  • Apps Native Android app
  • Apps MacOS app
  • Apps Windows app
  • Apps Safari extension
  • Apps Firefox add-on
  • Gmail Gmail integration
  • Google Calendar Google Calendar integration
  • Offline Offline notes creation


What we have accomplished

  • AppsPush iOS out of closed beta
  • PrivacyNote Encryption
  • Export and ShareNote Sharing via public link or email
  • GeneralFile and image attachments
  • Graph ViewGraph view filtering
  • Custom Graph ViewCreating custom Graph views and saving them
  • Export and SharePrint notes
  • Recycle BinAllow users to recover deleted notes
  • Auto saveAutomatic saving of notes


Relanote forum

You can post and vote on feature requests, report bugs, and have in-depth discussions about productivity and PKM.