A short introduction to Relanote and why are we building it

Taking notes is one of those skills that can be considered essential if you are looking for a way to first understand and second, retain knowledge. In its core, it is an activity of capturing and recording information with the goal of using it in the future. While the recording part problem is pretty much fixed – you can do it on paper, on your laptop, on your tablet, the understanding of your notes and using them is what troubles most of us these days.

The sheer amount of information that passes through us and our desire to retain most of it (as it might be useful in the near future) puts incredible great pressure on the popular note-taking systems and methods.

Putting it differently – it is relatively easy to record and store information, but its organization and understanding is the harder part.

What is Relanote?

Relanote is a note-taking app that aims to solve the note organization problem thanks to the non-hierarchical (wiki-style) and hierarchical (files and folders) methods. It is a tool that helps you connect the dots and build your efficient personal knowledge system.

What are the core features of Relanote

Flexible organization – Relanote combines both hierarchical organization (files and folders) and wiki-style bi-directional links. 

Not disrupting your writing – Unlike most apps, in Relanote you can create new notes on the fly without leaving the current note. 

Note organization on autopilot – If you are looking to escape the hierarchical organization, no problem! By using bi-directional links, you can forget about sorting your notes in folders and subfolders since all your notes will be connected in a web of knowledge – graph.

Graph – The Graph offers you a bird’s eye view of all your notes and how they are connected. If you are utilizing the bi-directional linking organization instead of the hierarchical, the graph is the tool for making sense of your personal knowledge base.

Full encryption – We believe that your knowledge, ideas, and research are private and rightfully yours. Nobody but you and the people you shared your note with should be able to have access. To ensure this, all your data is first encrypted on your device and then stored on our secure servers.

Share notes – You can share your ideas, thoughts, and research directly from Relanote. Sharing a public link to one or more notes is 1 click away. No account is required on the other side to view what you shared with them.

Why are we building it?

There are thousands of note-taking apps being developed every day. All of them aim to help you build up your knowledge base, store your ideas and thoughts, and just jot down notes is huge. Although the number is quite staggering, the actual variety is quite poor. Nearly all apps are Evernote clones (as it was the first wide-adopted note-taking app). They offer pretty much the same design and the same notes organization method – hierarchical. 

 This said, one solution does not solve different people’s needs, especially in this day and age when the volume of information we are going through and processing is growing exponentially.

We started Relanote to solve 2 main problems

1. To offer people a different knowledge organization methodology, one that uses bi-directional links and graph for a visual overview

2. To provide a truly user-friendly note-taking tool that will allow you to integrate it into your daily workflow

We really hope that Relanote will be truly helpful in creating and organizing your personal knowledge base.